Yankee Candle Scenterpiece Electric Easy MeltCup Warmer With Timer (Elizabeth)

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The rounded curves and the uncoated white ceramic finish of this piece make it beautifully adaptable to any room.

Scenterpiece MeltCup Warmers feature a flameless heater that quickly melts the wax. A recessed heating dish provides a clean look and a six foot power cord allows flexible placement throughout the home. 

Our favourite feature is the adjustable auto-shutoff timer - set it for 3, 6 or 9 hours and go about your day without ever having to remember to turn it off.
Change scents in seconds! Quick, easy and clean, the innovative Easy MeltCups provide exceptional home fragrance. Cool to the touch, even while in use, they are available in many of the most popular Yankee Candle fragrances. You can easily change scents as often as you want without ever touching the wax. Easy MeltCups stack and store easily, too.